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Just-in-time Worker Nodes with Karpenter

2.00 PM IST |  5 August 2022

Attend this virtual event safely from home through your phone, laptop or desktop browser.


An Open-Source High-Performance Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler

Karpenter helps improve your application availability and cluster efficiency by rapidly launching right-sized compute resources in response to changing application load. Karpenter also provides just-in-time compute resources to meet your application’s needs.


Karpenter is an open-source, flexible, high-performance node provisioning project built for Kubernetes. Its goal is to improve the efficiency and cost of running workloads on Kubernetes clusters. It automatically launches just the right compute resources to handle your cluster’s applications and is designed to let you take full advantage of the cloud with fast and simple compute provisioning for Kubernetes clusters.

Key Takeaways from Attending

  • Overview of Karpenter and it’s features.
  • We demonstrate how Karpenter simplifies Kubernetes infrastructure with the right nodes at the right time
  • Practical demos on how to use Karpenter.

Karpenter is open to everyone. Give it a try. Join our webinar to get started.


Rohini Gaonkar

Senior Developer Advocate, Amazon Web Services (AWS) India and South Asia
Rohini Gaonkar, Sr. Developer Advocate, has been with AWS since 2014. Over the years she has worked in multiple roles like Solutions Architect and Support Engineer in different geographies helping customers. She is passionate to share her experiences and help strengthen builders of tomorrow. She speaks frequently at conferences, community meetups, and her YouTube channel.