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Explore how the cloud + open source = future of development.


Are you a developer or a software engineer? Attend for a chance to win your choice of goodies like AWS-branded T-shirts, mugs, phone holders, mousepads, bags, bottles and more!

On Demand Webinar

Attend this virtual event safely from home through your phone, laptop or desktop browser.

For over 20 years open source has evolved and now underpins many of the projects that builders will use.

Whether it is the tools they use to develop, the libraries they combine within their applications, or the runtimes on which those applications are deployed – open source is pervasive.

Should I Attend?

  • As workloads move to the Cloud and AWS, open source continues to evolve and be relevant. 
  • Attend this session to see how the cloud and open source blend together to form the future of development.
  • Join your peers from the developer community to discuss and get any questions answered.

Key Takeaways from Attending

In this session, we will explore:

  • How we think about open source at AWS
  • How it continues to provide Builders with greater choice in how they develop and run their preferred open source technologies
  • Share how Cloud open source is the future of IT

We look forward to hosting you in this on-demand webinar.



Principal Advocate in Open Source, Amazon Web Services

Ricardo is a principal developer advocate at Amazon Web Services. He works with builders, technology leaders and enterprise executives to help them transform their businesses.

Prior to joining AWS, Ricardo worked for one of the largest professional services firms. He has over twenty years of experience leading open source, emerging technology and innovation programs. He has been working with cloud technologies since 2008. Ricardo is passionate about cloud, innovation and open source and is excited about how cloud accelerates and amplifies customers’ ability to innovate.

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